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39 YYSO Students Accepted Into PMEA District 7 Band & Orchestra

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Let us congratulate the following 39 YYSO students who were selected for the 2020-2021 PMEA District 7 Band and Orchestra: James Abramson, Michael Bennett, Kristina Chroneos, Evan Costlow, Jessica Coulson, Alexis Esher, Jillian Fetrow, Olivia Flickinger, Cade Fogdall, Simon Freitag, Nathaniel Gingerich, Allison Hartman, Wiley Hunt, Matthew Mailman, Hailey Mak, Julia Manganti, Sarah McComas, Justin Miller, Rebecca Miller, Andy Milsten, Andre Nadeau, Grace Neilson, Alison Park, Emily Pinto, Ryan Schick, Zoe Schneider, Jesse Schwartz, Abby Shaw, Elizabeth Sutherland, Lydia Tolerico, Grace Treml, Sofia Villano, Jaydon Vu, Noah West, Abigail Wobber, Katrina Wolfe, Samuel Woloson, Abigail Wood.

Also, let us congratulate Myles Druck for being selected to participate in Maryland's All-State Orchestra!

Central York School District: Michael Bennett, Haily Mak, Andy Milsten, Emily Pinto, Abigail Wobber, Samuel Woloson

Conewago Valley School District: Grace Neilson

Dallastown Area School District: Jessica Coulson, Alexis Esher, Jillian Fetrow, Allison Hartman, Wiley Hunt, Julia Manganti, Rebecca Miller, James Pechinski, Zoe Schneider, Elizabeth Sutherland, Lydia Tolerico, Grace Treml, Sofia Villani, Katrina Wolfe

Derry Township School District: Kristina Chroneos, Matthew Mailman

Eastern York School District: Abigail Wood

Northeastern School District: Ryan Schick

Red Lion School District: James Abramson, Andre Nadeau, Jesse Schwartz

Southeastern School District: Simon Freitag , Abby Shaw

Southern York County School District: Justin Miller

South Western School District: Olivia Flickinger, Sarah McComas

West Shore School District: Alison Park

West York Area School District: Jaydon Vu

York Catholic: Evan Costlow, Nathaniel Gingerich

York Suburban School District: Cade Fogdall, Noah West

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