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York Youth Symphony Orchestra


Brian Buterbaugh

About the Orchestra

The York Youth Symphony Orchestra operates on the basis of having dedicated and highly motivated membership. Because this orchestra is committed to excellence, each member must contribute his/her best. An important part of the experience in the YYSO is the satisfaction of creating fine music through the combined efforts of all the members of the orchestra.


Members of the YYSO must also be active and in good standing with their school's music organizations. In cases where extenuating circumstances prevent student artists from being active in their school's ensembles, a written letter of permission to be a member of YYSO must be obtained from the local band or orchestra leader. In the event that a student and their school director are not able to resolve this issue, the YYSO conductor should be contacted, and the matter will be addressed by the YYSO conductor with the school conductor.

YYSO Music Director & Conductor

Attendance Policy

The very nature of participation in a performance group means that members shall, attend all rehearsals and concerts, prepare adequately during the week, and cooperate in the group effort to achieve superior musical results.


If you are unable to attend a rehearsal or sectional for any reason you must submit an excuse with the reason for your absence two weeks prior to your anticipated absence.


Failure to provide this information will result in the absence being considered unexcused. Unexcused absences will not be tolerated.

Students may have two (2) excused absences per concert session. Arriving late to rehearsal counts as 1/2 an absence; leaving early counts as 1/2 an absence. Late arrivals and early leave must also be reported in advance to the Rehearsal Manager. Failure to do so will result in the late arrival/early leave being considered unexcused.


Some absences may be excused; including:

  • School music and sports activities

  • Music festivals

  • Illness or related family emergencies

  • Necessary family issue

  • College visits (Please note: It is preferred that college visits be scheduled during weekends when YYSO does not rehearse.)

Code of Conduct

Whether rehearsing or performing with your YYSO ensemble, you are responsible for the following:

  1. Complete Member Information forms and pays all fees promptly.

  2. Regular attendance at rehearsals and performances.

  3. Notify Rehearsal Manager in advance of any absence.

  4. Students should be on stage NO LATER than 8:25 and should be thoroughly warmed up before rehearsal beings.

  5. Be respectful of the concertmaster/mistress and the tuning process

  6. Stop playing when the Music Director/Conductor stops and listen carefully.

  7. Be courteous when the Music Director/Conductor is working with others by not talking.

  8. Except for tuners, NO electronic devices are permitted on stage. Use of electronic devices during the rehearsal dishonors the rehearsal process. Even if not playing, members are still to remain mentally involved and engaged.

  9. Maintain YYSO property with care; pay for any damage or loss.

  10. Follow the official Concert Dress Code for the orchestra’s performances.

  11. Leave candy, gum, and soda at home.

  12. Leave homework at home—unless the rehearsal schedule permits leaving the rehearsal area.

  13. Accept dismissal if, after consultation with the Music Director/Conductor, these requirements are not met.

  14. It is expected that students are prepared for rehearsals. This includes string players acquiring updated bowings if they missed the last rehearsal. Failure to consistently prepare for rehearsals may result in seat demotion at the full discretion of the music director, with the consultation of the board.

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